August 30, 2021 2 min read


The old school thinking that you can’t wear white after Labor Day is as silly as believing you can’t drink coffee on days that end in Y. And we simply don’t want to live in a world where either is true. 

Fact is, white defies trends, and for a hue that is supposedly devoid of color, it certainly is a visual powerhouse. Fashion-forward style icons like J.Lo and Kim K know that white is a showstopper on the red carpet and turns heads everywhere else – another reason why it can’t be confined to the 15 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

Your living spaces also love being dressed in white all year round. Sure, white is perfect for creating a beachy vibe in the summer, but it can be positively transformative in the other three seasons too. 

Fresh, clean and crisp, white instantly lifts a room and brings both a classic touch and a contemporary feel. No wonder white is the universally-beloved neutral for new homes, old homes and in-between homes, whether it’s at the radiant forefront of your decor or the lush, calming presence in the background. 

“Whoa, stop right there,” we hear some of you saying. “Isn’t it too chilly for white at this time of year?”

Ha ha… no, of course not. Used well and wisely, white comes off as cozy, comforting and warm even in cooler temps and can totally soften interiors without making them appear stark or snow-covered. 

Now hold our mocha latte while we show off some of Benjamin Moore our favorite shades of white – a color so amazing, the Beatles named an entire album after it.



Benjamin Moore OC-65 Chantilly Lace

OC-65 Chantilly Lace As delicate and refined as the lace it was named after, this crisp, clean white evokes images of pure silk, soft linen and simpler times.

Benjamin Moore white heron OC-57

OC-57 White Heron - A white that suit tranquil, serene environments as well as creates color-enhancing accents for dynamic spaces

Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove

OC-17 White Dove Unerring style defines this classic, softly shaded white. Light and luminous, it is a favorite choice for moldings and trim.

Benjamin Moore OC-130 Simply White

OC-117 Simply White Fresh as the first snowfall, this clean, crisp, multi-purpose white is a perennial favorite for trim, ceilings, and walls.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC-95

OC-95 Navajo White A timeless shade of creamy white with a generous dose of yellow, navajo white is a reliable choice to warm up cool-hued walls and indoor and outdoor trim.

Benjamin Moore OC-130 Cloud White

OC-130 Cloud White -Lightweight and luminous, this subtle, sophisticated shade of soft white is reminiscent of vapor clouds on a clear day.


These tried and true whites are subtly different, yet each stands the test of time and are as elegant as they are transcendent. Most shades of white are not “pure white” because they have undertones. Warm whites have undertones of red, orange and yellow that create a gentle glow and welcoming vibe. By contrast, cooler whites have hints of green, blue and violet, creating a crisp, clean and fresh look.


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