Romabio Mineral Shield Top Coat Paint

Mineral Shield is an invisible top coating that locks and protects beautiful Romabio mineral paint finishes from natural patina, or weathering created by water. Mineral Shield will not change the sheen of the finish or texture of the surface. It protects all lime-based coatings such as Romabio Classico Limewash—from the temporary discoloration that occurs when the surface is wet from rain and water absorption.

  • Prevents the growth of algae, moss, and mold, keeping paint looking clean and fresh
  • Repels water, reducing patina and extending the life of paint and ensuring a longer-lasting finish
  • Invisible, clear coating won’t discolor exterior painted surfaces
  • Significantly reduces staining from clay, dirt and grass

Recommended for exterior paint applications of Romabio paints including Classico Limewash, Masonry Flat, and Masonry Textured as well as Uncoated Porous Brick, Stone, Stucco, Concrete, or Other Masonry.