Armstrong-Clark "Shake Shield" Roof Treatment

Shake Shield is a one-coat, high solids semi-transparent pigmented finish for unpainted wood shakes and shingles.

Armstrong-Clark's Shake Shield is made up of heavy and light-bodied oils. Heavy bodied oils provide water repellency. Light bodied oils combined with solvent penetrate deep into the wood.

Shake Shield repels water, replenishes the natural oils baked out by the sun, thereby adding flexibility to the wood and the pigments reflect the sun's UV rays, thus retarding the graying process of the wood. Reconditioned shakes should reduce damage caused by wind and hail.

Product Technology

Shake Shield is specifically designed for weathered wood shake or shingle roofs. Although Armstrong's Shake Shield works extremely well on older roofs of 15-20 years old, it should be applied to new roof installations as well. 60-80% of the natural oils leach and bake out of wood roofs within the first five years. It is to the advantage of any owners of a wood roof to use Armstrong's Shake Shield at the earliest opportunity.