Sansin DEC Stain (Quarts)

  • Deep penetrating two-coat protection.
  • Between the BBQ, the patio furniture and family get-togethers, decks have to handle more traffic than any other wood around your house. That's why Sansin Dec is designed as a rugged two-coat formula that penetrates deeply, protecting your wood from within. Where many deck coatings easily peel and scratch, exposing wood to the elements, Dec enhances wood tissue with lasting protectioin from rain and UV exopsure. Perfect for cedar, exotic hardwoods, Southern pine, pressure treated lumber - whatever your deck is made of, Sansin's Dec's deep penetrating solids wil protect its beauty and character
  • Colors have been optimized for accurate viewing across a variety a media. However, due to differences in how screens display Color, actually Color may vary. See your dealer for details. Color may vary depending on texture, grain, Color, porosity and type of wood and may not be exactly as illustrated. Always test the purchased product on an inconspicuous part of the project to ensure the Color and transparency meet expectations of your control.

    1. Environmentally-friendly and low-VOC
    2. Penetrating water-borne alkyd formula
    3. Deep wood penetrating
    4. Reduces warping, shrinking and checking
    5. Non-flammable
    6. Translucent, finely ground iron oxide pigments provide exceptional clarity and protection
    7. Designed for maximum UV resistance to ensure long term maintainability
    8. Repels water but allows for evaporation
    1. Horizontal wood surfaces
    2. Decks, balconies and fences
    3. New and old wood
    4. Cedar, spruce, pine, fir, pressure treated lumber and exotic hardwoods
    5. Methods of Application:
    6. Dipping, brushing, flood coating, spray (hand/automated, low pressure/airless)
    7. Download Application Overview for more Information
    1. Download the Dec Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF).