Sansin ENS Naturals Top Coat

  • A clear top-coat for natural wood tones.
  • Sansin ENS Naturals Top Coat is a durable top-coat system that can be applied to any Naturals wood-colored surface protected by ENS – from millwork, to siding, fencing and decks. ENS Naturals Top Coat is engineered as both a performance-enhancing top coat for ENS natural colors, and as a sustainable maintenance system. ENS Naturals Top Coat is highly resistant to wear, doesn’t discolor over time, and enhances the UV protection – and beauty – of your existing Sansin ENS naturals finish. Before application, ensure that the existing base coat has adequate pigmentation, especially when applying as a maintenance coat. Consult a dealer or a Sansin customer service professional for details.
    1. Environmentally-friendly and low-VOC
    2. Exceptional adhesion
    3. High solids
    4. Glass-like premium finish
    5. Tough and durable with long lasting Color
    6. Designed for maximum UV resistance to ensure long term maintainability
    7. Apply as a finish or maintenance coat to many water-based and alkyd finishes
    1. Outdoor furniture
    2. Millwork
    3. Wood and fibre glass windows and doors
    4. Above ground horizontal and vertical surfaces
    5. Metal Wood or Composites
    6. Methods of Application:
    7. Brushing with good quality dual purpose brush
    8. Spray using hand or airless equipment (0.011-0.013 tip)
    9. Avoid high sheer pumps
    10. Download Application Overview for more Information