Sansin Purity 0-VOC Gel Stain

  • Discontinued item. Please note this is a clearance item and will not be restocked. Limited quantities available.


  • Beautiful and penetrating gel stain for wood interiors.
  • Purity Interior Gel Stain offers all the beauty and color of Purity Interior Stain – but features longer working time and when convenient, the ability to “wipe” for additional color control so you can highlight grain and tone precisely. Ideal for smaller projects.
  • Colors have been optimized for accurate viewing across a variety a media. However, due to differences in how screens display Color, actually Color may vary. See your dealer for details. Color may vary depending on texture, grain, Color, porosity and type of wood and may not be exactly as illustrated. Always test the purchased product on an inconspicuous part of the project to ensure the Color and transparency meet expectations of your control.

    1. 0 VOC - uses only nature’s own solvent, water.
    2. UV resistant
    3. Fast drying
    4. washable with easy soap and water clean-up
    5. Non-flammable
    1. Floors
    2. Wood cabinetry
    3. Shelves
    4. Doors
    5. Windows
    6. Ceilings
    7. Walls
    8. Furniture and other fine wood surfaces
    9. Methods of Application:
    10. Dipping, brushing, flood coating, spray (hand/automated, low pressure/airless)
    11. Download Application Overview for more Information
    1. Download the Dec Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF).