Sansin Purity Floor Wood Finish

  • Discontinued item. Please note this is a clearance item and will not be restocked. Limited quantities available.


  • Ultra-tough gymnasium grade finish for floors.
  • Purity Floor amplifies the natural tones and character of your wood floors. Durable, chemical- and scratch-resistant, Floor is the ultimate in beauty and protection for wood surfaces of all kinds, including softwoods like pine.
    1. Durable, chemical and scratch resistant
    2. Low VOC, low odor, environmentally friendly
    3. Water and stain resistant
    4. Washable with easy soap and water clean-up
    5. Self levelling
    1. Floors (softwood and hardwood)
    2. Shelves
    3. Cabinetry
    4. Doors
    5. Windows
    6. Ceilings
    7. Walls
    8. Furniture and other fine wood surfaces
    9. Download Application Overview for more Information
    1. Download the Dec Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF).